Is it possible to heal yourself?

Says JJ Semple, "Yes, emphatically, yes. After many years of mismanaging my health, I decided to take full responsibility for it. I discovered that I had damaged my body as a result of an early childhood accident. No doctor was able to diagnose my symptoms, much less understand my condition. Fortunately, I stumbled onto Golden Flower Meditation and it corrected the effects of my childhood accident."

"Can Golden Flower Kundalini Meditation make a difference for you? It depends on your condition. If it's related to the nerve damage, as mine was, you can activate the same autonomic self-healing mechanisms I did. I can't do the work for you; that's your job. You are the only one capable of healing You. It's called self-healing — the greatest force for improvement on the planet.

"I can't diagnose your condition. That's between you and your doctor, as they say, as if anyone has a doctor these days. When I go to the doctor, they always shuffle in a new one. So, in a certain sense, healing has always been your responsibility; you just weren't aware of it. It's even more so now.

"Whether you go to a doctor or heal yourself is up to you. Many understanding physicians propose a combination of both. And many people instinctively feel that Golden Flower Meditation can help them.

"They ask me how it works. I tell them, 'It goes way beyond basic meditation. Adding one simple technique to a basic method — composed of diaphragmatic deep breathing and control of heart rate — transforms the meditation of today into a second-generation system for safe, permanent Kundalini activation. That technique is the backward-flowing method, a technique that separates Golden Flower Kundalini Meditation from all other methods.’"

What kind of results would qualify a method as delivering the goods? GFM delivers pretty spectacular results. As in Ponce de Leon — Fountain of Youth-type results. The results include, but are not limited to:

  • Triggering autonomic self-healing mechanisms capable of correcting defects due to neural degeneration;
  • Rejuvenating the brain and the body as a result of intense neuroplastic activity;
  • Retarding the aging process;
  • Reversing self-destructive and addictive behavior;
  • Heightening and enhancing consciousness through the awakening of various metanormal effects and powers;
  • Passing on enhanced consciousness and metanormal effects to future generations through beneficial mutations to DNA;
  • Refining the being to the point where the individual is able to effect a release from Karmic bondage;
  • Clearly demonstrating that the ego spirit persists after death;
  • Help end dependency on ineffective health care models;
  • Facilitating the transition into the next state of being.

GFM Kundalini Meditation activates the life force by first awakening kundalini, which in turn triggers a Life Force energy explosion. This starts a chain reaction, a revitalization and purification of the whole being and intense neuroplastic activity in the brain. It’s part of a process that’s been successfully practiced in the East for thousands of years. Says JJ Semple, "I didn’t make it up; I lived it.”

Once Kundalini is activated it floods the nervous system with vital Life Force energy. Parts of the body that suffer from damaged nerves or nerve endings can be revitalized. What's more, there's a whole consciousness expanding aspect to GFM. "I don't talk much about this because I find that each person experiences these effects in a different way," says JJ Semple. "Young people today are impatient. That's okay, but let's not put the cart before the horse. Let's make sure that your Kundalini awakening is safe and permanent. In the future, I'll be writing more on the subjects of higher consciousness, self-realization, and enlightenment, but for now I'm interested in helping people improve their physical condition and health. Just remember: there are no limits to the power of Kundalini."

Over the past forty years, I've witnessed the varying effects of Kundalini awakenings on many individuals. Each experience is unique — from the way Kundalini is triggered to the way the individual lives with it. Usually, the most stable experiences are those triggered by meditation. The ones caused by random events or stimuli are often temporary, and sometimes unstable, in that they come and go. However temporary or unstable, all experiences pose challenges to their subjects because of the variety of psychological, spiritual, and psychic states and conditions the subjects find themselves in as a result of a Kundalini awakening. It may take years to adjust. Don’t try to resist; kundalini is an active force at work inside you. It wants to perfect your being, not destroy you.

Proper breathing leads to mastery of physical activities including hula hoop and hacky sack.

I receive many inquiries from people who think that, once awakened, Kundalini will solve all their problems. This is as unrealistic as it is untrue, especially since most of these inquiries come from people who have not yet activated their Kundalini. Kundalini, in and of itself, changes the being, but does not necessarily hold forth the prospect of a better design for living. Neither as concerns the purpose of life or the ways and means of living it to the fullest. 

First of all, what does living life to the fullest mean? Is it a winning formula for material comfort? A means to spiritual transcendence? A life of contemplation and retreat? Is it a catch phrase for feelings of entitlement, that because the individual has activated Kundalini, he or she is suddenly exempt from the stress and strain of everyday existence? No, the work is never done; better living is up to YOU!

Remember Kundalini is NOT an END; it is only a MEANS.

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