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Says JJ Semple

"When people ask me about the purpose of Kundalini, I tell them, 'If Kundalini didn't serve a useful purpose, it wouldn't be part of our beings. Evolution would have eliminated it, which makes no sense because Kundalini is the driving force behind evolution, and evolution doesn't retain characteristics or mutations that aren't part of the evolutionary master plan. The challenge each of faces in awakening and ultimately living with this purposeful life force energy is to do so in the safest, most deliberate manner.' "

During the 1970s, Dr. Herbert Benson created the Relaxation Response, a meditation technique for promoting stress reduction and worker productivity. By borrowing techniques from Transcendental Meditation and other Eastern meditation methods and repurposing them, Dr. Benson made meditation more accessible to Westerners. Over the past ten years, JJ Semple has devised a means of extending the benefits of basic meditation. It’s called Golden Flower Meditation (GFM). The goal of GFM is activating Kundalini. The key to Golden Flower Kundalini Meditation is the backward-flowing method. Adding this one crucial step to a basic meditation practice activates the dormant Kundalini~Life Force present in every human being. Moreover, GFM is safe, reliable, and standardized. It produces the same results time after time over a given number of subjects, truly a new direction in the health science applications of meditation.

Says JJ Semple, “Activating Kundalini begins with biological transformation, using energy cultivation techniques to arouse the body’s hidden potential. Since kundalini is a biological phenomenon, it needs to draw energy from a biological source in order to accomplish its purpose. That source happens to be sexual, the same energy source involved in procreation. How could it be otherwise? The energy used to create life is the same energy used in re-birth. What other source in the human body has the requisite energy to accomplish a re-birth?

"Nevertheless, each individual is configured differently which means outcomes can vary, not only on account of anatomical differences, but also because the triggers responsible (meditation, tantra, shaktipat, drugs, etc.) for activating Kundalini vary greatly. There’s also a commitment/dedication component. 

"From what Gopi Krishna called the evolutionary impulse to transform consciousness to the final activation of the Kundalini~Life Force, the practitioner commit to being patient and to persevering. Transformation is not a single event, but a stream of energy events, each one a challenge, unless the trigger — a method like GFM — is chosen. So much goes into completing the process: inspiration, motivation, discovery, detective work, exercise, meditation — to say nothing of frustration, disappointment, and disinformation. Choosing the right trigger is vital. The path is long, hard, and uncertain, because up till now, no permanent, voluntary, safe, repeatable method for shepherding a novice through the entire process existed.”

On the flowchart below you will notice two phases, what Ram Dass called the You do it! and It does you! phases. In the first phase, you do all the work. You find the requisite inspiration, be it consciously or unconsciously, deliberate or accidental. Whatever! It’s up to you to find it. The motivation, the detective work, the decoding, the practice are also up to you. It’s only during the last phase that things get really interesting. Not that they’re uninteresting beforehand. But there definitely is a reward phase when It does You. Your job is to make your way through the obstacles to this phase.


To put the preceding flowchart in perspective, imagine a similar chart tracing the path of a typical American doctorate level education. The process is long — getting a PhD is a grueling process — but the information is readily available. Want to study chemistry? No problem. Ten thousand college catalogues at your disposal. Get good grades in high school, find a college that suits you and you’re on your way. On the other hand, informing yourself about the Secret Teachings is not as easy. There is no approved curriculum, no regulating body, no accepted practices, no Secret Teachings for Dummies guidebooks. You’re on your own. All you have is your own inspired motivation, some hint that there is something out there — something for you. Beyond that you have no idea what’s in store for you. No idea that the overhaul you are pursuing is really a biological process. Golden Flower Meditation leads to a neuro-biological overhaul

Through his practice of Golden Flower Meditation, JJ Semple discovered the remarkable self-healing capabilities of the Kundalini~Life Force. His nervous system was stimulated such that the natural chemical substances of the body were recombined and used to correct a deformity. In fact, after successfully activating the Life Force, this amazing energy source inventoried his entire body, immediately transmitting vital energy throughout the nervous system to the deformed parts of his body. What kinds of conditions are treatable? Any condition caused by damage to nerve endings or circuits. How does GFM work? Correctly implemented, the active Kundalini triggers a process known as sexual sublimation that distills seminal fluid, or cervical fluid, in the case of a woman, and draws this distilled extract of sexual energy up the spine into the brain. This kicks off autonomic self-healing mechanisms that use the nervous system to revitalize neural related disorders. Normally, GFM has little effect on degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, or stroke. However, by practicing GFM and eating more pure raw foods, the body is less likely to degenerate.

JJ Semple’s pioneering work on Kundalini Meditation is the result of an early childhood accident. As he matured, he began to realize that something was wrong with his body. In order to learn more about the effects of his accident, he set aside his career with NBC News. After meditating for many years — and feeling like he was getting nowhere — he was given a copy of an ancient Taoist text by a stranger. He spent the next two years mastering the backward-flowing method. Success unleashed a powerful transformational force that rooted out all traces of deformity in his body. “You’ve probably heard about neuroplasticity of the brain,” says JJ Semple, “that the brain can actually evolve. What you may not know is that brain can also ‘devolve’ or degenerate, causing a shutdown of certain bodily or mental functions. When this happens, as in the case of Alzheimer’s, medical science is all but helpless. What if there is a mechanism in the body capable of revitalizing the brain and the nervous system, of counteracting the ill effects of brain and neural degeneration? That mechanism exists. To avail yourself of it, activate the dormant Life Force energy — the autonomic self-healing properties that Kundalini triggers.”

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