What You Get From a Consultation

Using a holistic approach, JJ Semple brings a wide range of practical knowledge, as well as common sense expertise in personal transformation, to each consultation. You get:

  • A psycho-spiritual inventory,
  • Tools for determining if your Kundalini is active,
  • Techniques for overcoming estrangement and/or feelings of isolation,
  • Strategies for coping with the effects of Kundalini and other transformative energies, 
  • Exercises for dealing with spiritual anxiety and negative emotions,
  • Help in setting spiritual and transformational objectives,
  • A plan for activating, managing, and living with Kundalini.

A consultation is not a reading or a seance. A spiritual inventory deals with the holistic approach to spiritual living, which includes primal directives, sexual sublimation, physical well-being, straight talk, and practical decision making. We don’t offer medical advice, only information on activating and living with kundalini.

A Holistic Approach to the Kundalini Experience
You can't shove the human personality
 into compartments; an individual is not a Pie Chart. Kundalini affects every aspect of worldly life.

Pie Chart

Who Calls For a Consultation

Many callers are in a state of change or transition, wondering why they feel isolated, unsure of what's in store for them. I understand this. We'll work on counteracting negative emotion, on feeling positive, confident, and in control — ready to face the real world. 

Some callers want help with adjusting to Kundalini; some want advice on meditation methods for safely activating Kundalini; some want to talk through everyday life problems — family, friends, work, relationships, and how Kundalini affects life situations. Others want a plan for activating Kundalini. I help you understand what activating Kundalini really means over time, how it changes the being, and how it affects practical living. And finally, how it may not be appropriate in all cases.

Highlighted Consultation Text

Don't Understand Kundalini?

"Many callers experiencing Kundalini awakenings tell me they don't understand what happened to them. I tell them Kundalini isn't only about lofty spiritual notions; it's a physical process that involves a complete overhaul of the nervous system. I counsel them on diet, sleep, exercise, and breathing as well as the day-to-day challenges of living with Kundalini.

"Permanently activating Kundalini has allowed me to experience every facet of the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects that surround this phenomena. I've devoted my life to discovering the safest ways of activating Kundalini, the safest practices for living with it.

"Remember, if Kundalini didn't serve a purpose, evolution would have eliminated it. That's how evolution works. Kundalini is meant to perfect our beings.

"Nevertheless, unexpected Kundalini awakenings frequently provoke physical and emotional problems: collapse, breakup, indecision, feelings of isolation, and sexual dysfunction. It's not unusual for individuals to be rendered helpless and confused when faced with the awesome power of Kundalini. I take a holistic approach to Kundalini."

Why Consult JJ Semple?

JJ Semple is one of the world's foremost authorities on Kundalini. He has written four books and lectured extensively on the subject. "I've lived with Kundalini every day of my life for the last 40 years. I've handled every change in metabolism, every psychological adjustment. There's very little I haven't seen, very few aspects of this amazing phenomena that I have not encountered. People must realize that Kundalini is first and foremost a physical process that opens metaphysical horizons over time.  Many are not aware of the practical adjustments for coexisting with Kundalini, and that's when problems arise."

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities; in the expert's mind there are few."
   ~ Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

JJ Semple's vast experience with Kundalini, meditation, Yoga, self-realization techniques allow him to size up most situations immediately. No time is wasted; you'll get straight to the crux of the matter. That's why it's important to deal with an expert. During the years he was perfecting GFM, JJ Semple consulted for business, lectured to students and professionals, managed corporations. You’ll be dealing with an expert with a cross-disciplinary background — essential for managing real world situations, in case you are feeling emotionally insecure, isolated or overwhelmed.

Why I Charge

I charge $114/hour — enough to put us on a respectful footing. I'll know you're serious, and you'll find that I am, too. You get to express yourself freely and I'll treat you with courtesy. You may want to talk more than once. That's fine. Most of the time, however, one or two sessions are enough because I take a practical, holistic approach. In fact, you'll probably learn some self-remembering and breathing exercises during the first session.

Inside or Outside the US?

No problem. We can talk via! Email me to set up a Zoom consultation.

A Case Study
One caller was a college professor who became virtually immobilized after an involuntary Kundalini experience. He was in a state of near panic. He couldn't teach, couldn't function. He spent hours staring at the wall. He became obsessed with his ability to see inside his body, thought he might be having delusions. I was able to put the whole experience in perspective, to help him realize that the effects he was experiencing were real, not some sort of wayward emotions or psychological aberrations. Eventually, he got over his sense of dread and started being productive in many new ways — writing poetry, painting, and dealing more effectively with people.

One of the things he mentioned right of the bat was that the process seemed impersonal. He wondered why something so rooted in religion seemed to be affecting his ability to relate emotionally. To compensate, he made enormous efforts at being 'more spiritual.' I advised him not fight the process, not to "manufacture" a new personality. I helped him understand that everything — his physical body, his affective centers, his brain — were being overhauled. I assured him that he did not have to change his belief system, that, in fact, Kundalini would expand his understanding of all aspects of life and death.

"The adjustment process takes time, sometimes years," I explained. "There were things you can do to facilitate the process, and things you can't — namely, don't interfere with it by affecting a more 'spiritual persona.' Kundalini is creating a new persona for you; it has your best interests at heart. It's the Life Force, after all. How could the Life Force not have your interests at heart? All you need to do is to take care of your body, watch your diet, practice Yoga, exercise, and wait. 'Learn from the process; it does not make mistakes.'

"I told him to consider keeping a journal, and he did. A few years later, he actually made a submission to Life Force Books and they may publish it."

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